About us

Our History

Our passion for quality fruit mixes began nearly 15 years ago when our family opened a fruit smoothie shop in Cypress, TX.  After serving thousands of customers and building a strong base of “regulars”, we learned the importance of using quality products to keep our customers happy and returning time and time again.  

A common theme amongst many of our customers was a request (jokingly) to add alcohol to their smoothie.  Who wouldn’t like real fruit in their daiquiri or margarita?  The idea was further driven by the rapid increase in smoothie/daiquiri shops and beverage barns throughout the US.  After searching the local market, we quickly realized that there was a gaping whole.  Most mix providers were either providing a “sugar-water” syrup, a powder containing no actual fruit or a product that besides having to be refrigerated, was so over-priced that it was difficult to keep food costs down.

In 2012, we created Texas Blends for the specific purpose of providing premium quality shelf-stable fruit mixes at a much lower price for smoothie/yogurt/daiquiri shops and the restaurant industry as a whole.