About Us


Our passion for great-tasting drinks began a little over 15 years ago when our family opened a well-known smoothie franchise in Cypress, Texas. After serving thousands of customers and building a strong base of "regulars" we realized the importance of creating high-quality drink products that would keep our customers happy and returning time and time again.

Fast forward to 2022, most drink brands have tossed quality out the window in order to save money.  As a result, many places are stuck using a "powder" or "sugar-water" mix or a homemade recipe that makes consistency difficult to repeat.  We developed Texas Blends Premium Mixes to bring quality back.

At Texas Blends, our mission is to offer shelf-stable premium quality mixes made with real fruit and best of all, mixes that are typically cheaper than the cost of your current drink recipe. 

"Texas Blends, It's in the Mix"